Information system financing

Software for enterprise management is a significant investment into your activity development and efficiency increase. With lack of your own financial means, you have a possibility to use financing of the whole system through SAP Financing by the company SG Equipment Finance. By the means of this financing programme, you may habilitate purchase of SAP licences, software implementation, the first year of support and hardware.


Flexibility in time and extent of financing

Optimal financing period is 3-4 years, whereby it is possible to shorten the financing period down to 1 year in certain reasoned cases, or prolong it up to 7 years. Financing volume should be from 30, 000 EUR upwards; in certain cases it is possible to negotiate about lower financing sum. Upper financing limit is not stated and depends on the client's financial standing.


Financing structure

SAP Financing, besides given rules, also has certain internal financing structure. It is possible to habilitate the full price of licences; however, the other parts are limited by ratio to the price of these licences in such a manner as it is listed below:

  • SAP licences 100 % of their price
  • Support (1st year) maximum 25 % of the licences price
  • Expenses for external implementation, maximum 300 % of the licences price
  • Expenses for internal implementation, maximum 150 % of the licences price
  • Expenses for hardware acquisition from 35%