To keep leading position in the area of systems for TPV support and at the same time to keep and continue to extend its position reached in the area of complex information systems based on SAP solutions in the segment of small and mid-size enterprises.




Quality of software solutions and services provided that is proved by time.



Quality policy

The company leadership realizes its responsibility for quality of provided products as well as services performed and in the sense of the standard ISO 9001:2008 it determines quality policy.
Quality policy represents systematic care for products quality as well as quality of all other activities with the chief goal to satisfy requirements and needs of our customers.



In order to fulfil the vision, there are the following principals of quality policy determined:




  • We monitor increasing demands of customers, see them and take them into consideration in development of our products.
  • In our product portfolio, we keep and offer our customers only those products, which in terms of functionality and technology fulfil high quality parameters and provide customers with high added value during their enterprise activities.
  • We do what we say, we say what we mean, and we always keep our commitments.
  • We are still working on possible connections and cooperation particularly with the greatest world systems. We use and engage the space, which they do not deal with.
  • We are trying to know individual needs of each customer and solve them with personal approach. All the company employees take part in knowing the needs of the customer as well as solution of his requirements within the work positino.
  • For higher quality of services provided to the customer, we are still planning qualification increase of our employees with connection to new trends in information technologies.
  • We provide customer with permanent technical support for software solutions having been delivered.
  • We continue to monitor customers' satisfaction with provision of our services and we accept adequate measures for customer's satisfaction increase.
  • We keep strategic partnerships with the firms Microsoft andSAP.
  • We provide quality professional background for partner firms, which sell our solutions or develop their own solutions based on our products.
  • We work solely with authorised hardware as well as software products.
  • By ongoing monitoring of the firm processes and taking measures, we constantly improve SMK.