AddOn Production extends functionality of SAP® Business One by production evidence and management. This AddOn has been developed by our company with an aim to optimize production management primarily in small firms.

Main advantages of the solution:

  • Complete view of firm processes from the first contact with customer through order, purchase and production, up to delivery of final product to customer
  • Simple and quick way how to get from price offer and elaboration of production documentation, through placing order into production, up to work assignment to workers and check out of assigned work through bar code readers
  • Simple solution enabling ongoing overview regarding production status, extent of workplace capacity utilization, work standards fulfilment performed by workers and so on.
  • Continuous connection of processes in production to standard processes of SAP® Business One
  • Incorporate user environment of the whole system functioning over common database

Production documentation

Bill of materials - contains the list of components and basic materials, of which the given product consists. Bill of materials contains possibility of automated amount calculation and weight calculation of semi-finished product based on given essential measurements of incoming semi-finished product, with calculation between expenditure and in-store measuring units.

Technological procedure- contains the list of operations, which are necessary to be executed in production with defined department, workplace, production times, doses, inter-operational times, activity description and list of tools needed

Drawing documentation - offers possibility of drawing documentation or other external Office type documents attachment (technical reports, counts etc.) to each item, bill of materials and technological procedure.

Changes -provides option of changes evidence, which are preformed in technical documentation

Parametric and variant documentation - module provides an option to work with variant and parametric bills of materials, where based on product properties being required by customer the module will select respective product variant and calculate the material amount needed for production

Technical price specification - module is designed for price specification in the process of price offer creation. It offers option to work also with so called unknown items, for which there has not been technical documentation elaborated yet. At that time, it is not necessary to file these items into the system data during offer creation. After price offer acceptance by customer, the module will allow generation of bills of materials and technical procedures from the price offer data, and only at that moment those so called items will be filed into the system data.

Production preparation

Schedule of orders - provides complete overview on sale orders coverage by production as well as status of individual production orders. It is possible to generate production orders directly from this form.

Planning order - provides complete overview on production status of more complicated products, whose components are necessary to be procured by its own production method:

  • Of structured product specification card
  • Of list of items, which are necessary to be produced together with information about respective production orders
  • Of list of items, which are necessary to be obtained by purchase with information about amount available, status of expenditure into production
  • Of summary of calculated and real expenses on the given product

Calculations - provide an option to calculate complete own expenses for product manufacturing and production capacities needed for provision of production for that product, for planning or production order.

Capacities - provide overview of extent regarding extent of individual workplaces utilization, which is calculated for working days with regard to time fund of individual workplaces.

Work in process - provides overview of production status in the form of list of orders or in the form of detailed overview - list of operations. Production extent, for which we want to monitor work in process; it is possible to limit it by giving selection criteria (date, order, department ...). The list contains information on number of pieces produced, time planned for production and time, which has been elapsed in the production.

Production management

Work reserve - by the form of the list of orders or list of operations, it provides manager in production with detailed overview on the fact, which orders and items he has in the given time in the stage of process, which works he shall assign and which he has already assigned into production as well as overview about number of pieces having been produced. Production manager may perform all activities in this form, which are related to daily works management in the workshop, such as placing production orders in one lot into production, to print production documentation, to assign work to respective workers, change workplace, work shift...

Production order - contains all information for production of one item in required amount. Each production order contains a list of components and production operations necessary for production, which were taken from bill of materials and technological procedure. Directly from the form it is possible to perform activities such as print production documentation, add all workers according to current works occupation in one lot, to assign work to respective workers manually, change work shift, change workplace, in which the given operation will be executed, to file finished operations, to file all operations in one lot....

Material acceptance and expenditure from and into production - they are documents, which register materials shifting between stocks with subsequent booking. Data entry may be done manually in the form or by reading bar code from material intake card.

Evidence of mismatching products - it provides overview of registered mismatching products, which were marked by an employee as probably faulty pieces, overview of confirmed mismatching products, where checking will determine repair or it will confirm faulty pieces as mismatching products and it will assign a worker to the list together with department, which is responsible for creation of mismatching product.

Production evidence/filing - it enables data collection about work having been performed in production. Data reading of the operation having been evidenced is done solely through bar code, which will be scanned from the operation instruction card. The employee will enter only the time having been used/worked off, number of good pieces and mismatching products.

Correction of times being evidenced - it enables production manager to correct the times, which the workers wrote down during production check out, thus verifying these data.


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