The system is divided into modules according to extent of functions expected by customer and those are sold as individual parts. By application division into modules, the customer gains option of greatly flexible system "tuning" according to his needs. He will pay only for those functions and their extent, which he wants to use.
More information - MONACO ® brochure with examples
The list of MONACO®modules:


General utilities (Util)

  • Management of lists – lists of items, procedures, operations, changes/shifts, works, orders, etc.
  • Management of dynamic lists – content of lists is formed dynamically
  • Management of small code-lists (measuring units, types of documents, items of orders, currency…)
  • Supporting services for other modules

Security provision (Security) - management of users and groups, authorizations

Versions manager (Versions)

  • Management of documents and data versions
    • Without history
    • With history
    • Managed versions (change and order proceeding, option for modelling)
    • With history and preparatory version (drafting)
  • Management of documents reservations/booking
  • Management of adjustments and data changes, adjustments registry (including signatures)


Application administration (Admin) - management of logs, connections, settings, designs of data sheets and printouts


Classification (Classif)- classification and searching for items, procedures, documents and other subjects according to classification parameters

  • Classification of any objects – items, machines, standards, technological procedures
  • Classification categories hierarchically arranged in unlimited number of levels and identified by description or image of any type
  • Any amount of classification parameters of various type subject attached to each classified subject
  • Additional selection of subjects from the list of subjects of the same type (items, procedures, etc.) according to their parameters by SELECT & SELECT method formed in any way (according to classification, list, searching, etc.)

Documents (Docums) - management, versions making and documents searching of file type

  • Management of documents in any format, automatic previews of documents
  • Individual management of documents versions
  • Possibility to allocate a document to any subject (item, position according to bill of materials/piece list, technological procedure, operation of technological procedure, change, order, etc.)
  • Possibility of saving connection to documents (including connection to the web)

For design/construction

Items (Items) – administration and searching for items

  • Item types unification – items are not strictly divided into produced and purchased ones
  • It is possible to change item type (purchase, production, cooperation) according to actual needs. Possibility to create technical documentation also for items of the type purchase, tools, etc.
  • Attributes division into general, technical, production-planning…
  • Option to allocate unlimited number of measuring units to the item – main one, auxiliary ones
  • Option for items number rewriting
  • Multilingual titles
  • Full-text searching
  • Item creation by “cloning” – copying of complete data under new item including documents, construction bills of material, etc. dokumentov, konštrukčných kusovníkov, atď.
  • Option for defining several types of item prices – especially purchases (e.g. the last purchase price, average stock price, etc.), prices registry at particular time – review of item price development

Construction (Construct) - administration of construction bills of material

  • Simple and inverse construction bills of material, trees of piece lists and inverse piece lists, variant bills of materials
  • Direct support of so called “drawing-less” positions – measurements definition for longitudinal, flat/surface, volume and other cross-sections.
  • Support of material consumption calculation bound to the piece list position
  • Possibility to define measuring units for the position
  • Integration module with universal interface for construction piece lists import from CAD systems (including items and construction documents) by the form of single-level piece list or the whole construction piece list (tree) import
  • Support for positions copying by mouse (Drag & Drop)
  • Piece lists comparison – for various items, comparison of construction and technological piece list, comparison at the level of the piece list as well as comparison at the level of construction piece list (tree)

For technology

Technology (Technology) - administration and edition of technological procedures, operations, tools/utilities, sources – machines, administration and edition of technological (assembly) piece lists

  • Support for procedure concept creation - operations without definition of centre, workplace, tariff – for offer proceeding
  • Possibility to create new procedure by “cloning” – copying of complete documentation into new procedure
  • Possibility to allocate any number of several sources – workplaces and tariffs to operations (multi-machine operation, work in a team, etc.)
  • Possibility to allocate detailed documents of any format, including multimedia (instructions, calculations, standards, images, etc.) to operations, possibility of referring to documents
  • Option of several alternative procedures allocation to one item or usage of one procedure for several items production
  • Direct support of operation division into operation sections
  • Unified technological piece list that integrates all requirements for inputs into technological procedure (material standards, assembly parts, additional materials, tools)
  • Support of variant technological piece lists and operations
  • Possibility to create piece lists without operation (stock)
  • Simple, inverse technologic piece list (usage of component in procedure, item and operation), tree and inverse tree of technological piece lists
  • Option for item definition as output from operation - disassembly
  • Support of so called “drawing-less” positions – measurements definition for longitudinal, surface, volume and other cross-sections, definition of measuring units for the position
  • Support of material consumption calculation bound to piece list position

Technology – extension

  • Technology extension (Technology X) – administration and edition of additional data to technological procedures
  • Option for quality regulations definition to technological operations as well as items (CAQ)
  • Integrated support regarding standards calculation of time consumption – Performance standards
  • Possibility for standards calculation method individualization by code lists
  • Possibility for code lists export – import reg. time consumption calculation (for individual professions)
  • Integrated catalogue of machine types with parameters (performances, torque and shift/feed rows/sets…)


Change manager (Revision) - administration of TPV changes as well as other documents

  • Support of change proceeding for various document types (Construction, Technology, Resources, Documents) as well as orders
  • Possibility to define parallel documents processing (workflow)
  • Structured reviews of adjustments performed by change
  • Possibilities for changes modelling in TPV without necessity to implement “official” change
  • Integrated support of bulk changes of all data by the means of universal bulk changes module (e.g. conditioned exchange of operation times, amounts, etc.)
  • Implemented guides for the most frequent types of bulk changes in TPV (exchange of items in piece lists, machines exchange in technological procedure operations, etc.)
  • Option for adjustments shifting in documentation between changes, connection, division of changes

Workflow management (WorkFlow) - workflow administration in technical section by the means of tasks

  • Tasks definition for departments/sections – automatic option of persons substitution, automatic tasks assignment for logged-in users, tasks allocation for various types of documents (changes, orders, individual documents)
  • Option of pre-defined scenarios for various types of documents and individual definition of production process
  • TPV, individual terms specification for individual tasks
  • Reviews for work planning and organization in technical sections/departments including graphic reviews
  • Automated statistic of TPV performed and planned work according to the sections/departments, employees, time, orders or changes/shifts, documents, etc. with their visualization

Resources (Process/Resource)- administration of enterprise organizational structure, resources

  • Revolutionary new arrangement of resources in hierarchic structure
  • Resources unifying organizational sections, centres, workplaces and employees into one unit including cooperation partners
  • Option to define four types of costs for each resource including currency
  • Option to plan capacities for resources including the human ones, but also non-production ones (e.g. TPV creation)
  • Option to define several types of cost prices for certain resource (e.g. rent, energies, amortization, etc.), cost registry at certain time

For business

Offers (CRM) -administration and support of offer proceedings and TPV adjustments for the purposes of offers

  • Quick and simple offer implementation in the registry
  • Integration with MS Outlook by the help of Drag Drop
  • Option for quick price specification even without items usage
  • Possibility to create offer subject by the means of offer piece list
  • Quick price calculation by the means of calculation forms/sheets, alternatives of prices calculation
  • Automated offer generating by the means of e-mail
  • Integration with items price list together with calculations
  • Option of isolated TPV documentation adjustments solely for the purposes of offer proceeding
  • History saving reg. offers having been sent (comparison option)
  • Statistics of offers success rate
  • Possibility to classify offers into classification system of MONACO
  • Possibility to create Workflow for offer solution as a unit or for individual lines of offer piece list
  • Option for proper change creation with TPV adjustments of offer after successful finalization of offer proceeding

For production

Orders (Orders)- – production orders administration, interconnection with order, commercial functions of IS enterprise and option for order modification of TPV data for individual orders

  • Integrated interconnection with commercial modules of the partner CRM system
  • Integrated interconnection with stock modules of ERP system
  • Possibility to define interconnections for several ERP systems
  • Possibility to adjust technical documentation for each individual order separately
  • Automatic creation of orders specification cards with balancing of materials and items with stock amounts

Production orders planning (Scheduling)

  • Calendars of resources (available time, free time, collisions)
  • Graphic order planning (initial date of order, date of order finalization, realization date being planned, percentage of works completion on certain order)
  • Method of forward planning, method of backward planning, planning according to orders priority
  • Graphic review of resources exploitability
  • Planning data grouping according to priority, realization date, items…
  • Material balancing
  • Exchangeable resources

Production (Production) – administration and registry of production documentation

  • Automated generation of production documentation based on module specification cards of Order (issue cards, receipt cards, production orders, work cards)
  • Automated data collation from production (logoff/cancellation reg. operations, items, issuance, acceptance into warehouse) directly in MONACO application
  • Automated data collection from production by the means of applications for mobile devices including bar codes reading
  • Automated data collection from production by the means of web including bar codes reading (universal interface)
  • Employees registry
  • Automatic generating of stock documents (receipt cards, issue cards) into the partner ERP system
  • Support for rejects reporting
  • Support for serial and production numbers creation
  • Reviews of purchased material balances at certain time (available, reserved, ordered amounts)
  • Reviews of individual resources capacity at certain time (occupancy/packing by production commands, calendars of resources, etc.)
  • Analytic reviews of analysis reg. logged-off/cancelled operations, items, production orders, employees…

Interconnection integration with ERP (IO) – a set of functions for online data transmission between MONACO modules and partner ERP systems

  • Integrated passive connection of commercial orders, directories, commercial partners (customers, suppliers, co-operators) with commercial modules of the partner CRM/ERP system
  • Integrated active data connection of items with modules of partner ERP systems (basic data, stock amounts, prices, etc.)
  • Integrated passive data connection of stocks/warehouses with MONACO resources sections (departments, definitions of warehouses/stocks for individual centres, plants, workplaces, etc.)
  • Integrated active connection of issued stock documents transmission (stock issue cards, receipts cards)

For Management

Managerial functions (Manager) - realization of calculations and computations of costs/expenditures above TPV documentation, also used for offer proceeding

  • Possibility to select any items list into specification of calculation
  • Possibility to define currency units of costs, units of capacity needs
  • Optimizations of procedures selection (in defining several procedures for one item)
  • Extensive possibilities for calculations setting, summary results according to piece list and organizational structure
  • Analytic reviews of analysis reg. costs, graphic illustration of calculation results
  • Calculations according to construction or technological piece list
  • Calculations according to several types of prices reg. items and resources
  • Results expressed in numbers as well as in graphic presentation