MONACO® is a specialized software tool for evidence, archiving and creation of technical documentation for manufacturing enterprises. Throughout long-year experiences, the company GT Systems 2 has identified main "customers" of technical documentation in prevalent commercial processes of manufacturing enterprise.

What we include into technical documentation

The concept technical documentation is not understood only as a set of computer data needed for correct production planning and management in ERP systems, but in a much greater extent, e.g. Items, Drawings, Bills of materials, Technological procedures, Inputs - outputs (tools, additional material...), Technological regulations (testing, welding...), Measuring and control regulations (CAQ,...), CAD Models, Technical regulations (constructions), Technical specifications - requirements of customers, Technical specifications - catalogues, Service regulations, Projects (works schedules), Calculations (reviews of expenses).

Incorporate administration, evidence and availability of documentation

This documentation is of a highly diversified shape, the meaning of MONACO® system is to offer single administration, documentation evidence and its wide availability. Of course, we speak about the fact, when documentation should be disclosed even away from its creation department, with maximum possible security. The application aim, besides others, is to aggregate technical information in one place in such a manner that they will always be available for its customers. With analyses and application design, we emphasized on the most effective creation: to create only that part of documentation, which the enterprise needs for its smooth operation and in the right time. That means to avoid necessity to create those parts of documentation, which are not needed at the given time or they are not being used.

MONACO® is a tool for effective creation of documentation, or as the case may be, of its background documents particularly for:

  • Offer proceeding

    : creation of preliminary technical designs, estimates of expenses and terms, preliminary specification of required inputs - material and production needs.
  • Production planning

    : creation of items, bills of materials, technological procedures, requirements regarding capacity.
  • Production

    : creation of production documentation - drawings, operations sketches, regulations, tools equipment, regulations for quality management (CAQ), etc.
  • Service

    : creation of mounting instructions, service regulations, catalogues of technical specifications, delivery regulations, etc.

The system is designed in such a manner so that it can fulfil requirements for wide range of enterprises. Beginning with the smallest ones, where technical documentation department is formed by one person, up to the large ones, where technical department has its own statute of division and is formed by several tens of people.

The system offers tools for keeping basic requirements for technical documentations:

  • Precision - quality

    : the more precise and "truer" the documentation is, the more smoother and floating the production is
  • Documentation elaboration speed

    - Its creation should take as little time and means as possible; at the same time the technical documentation department should provide information in the right time
  • Generality

    - the system MONACO® enables creation of technical documentation with an aim to minimize changes of "non-technical" nature (e.g. materials changes, swaps of departments, making decisions of Buy/Make, swapping of capacities - machines, etc.).
  • Portability

    - production shifting between respective plants or corporations should not have any influence, or only minor one, on technical documentation.