• Radical decrease of expenses and time needed for technical production preparation

    - by using modern tools for technical production preparation with options of copying, fast searching for documentation according to the most variable criteria, elimination of documentation parts creation, which no one uses or they are not actual for the given needs yet (e.g. creation of standards for offer proceedings).
  • Pre-production stages shortening of documentation preparation

    - by the means of classification modules it is possible to search for similar components for creation of new technical documentation with possibility of their direct use in new documentation, or by copying, subsequent adjustments and modification.
  • Availability increase of technical documentation for other enterprise departments

    - by digitalization of technical documentation and its availability through internet also for other distant departments.
  • Production quality increase

    - by precision increase of technical documentation by the means of specialized MONACO® tools.
  • Smoother and faster course of main commercial processes

    - offers - orders - TPV - planning - production - shipment - by speeding up of the background documents creation. Pieces of information are available in the correct place and the right time.
  • Minimization of work expenditure during administration and revisions of technical documentation

    - by implementation of original arrangement methods of technical documentation (minimization of so called bulk changes).
  • Response speed increase to demands in offer proceeding

    - by possibility to create so called technical documentation concepts with direct use of tools for quick pricing of future products without a need to create detailed technical documentation.
  • Estimated prices and terms specification and making them real for respective offers

    , followed by enterprise reliability increase (we do not promise the impossible) and ratio decrease of "loss-making" or "missed" projects or orders. You will reach it by using tools for similar products searching, tools for technical documentation modelling, by possibility of its adjustments for the needs of offer proceeding.
  • Production process speeding up and its higher flexibility particularly in "failures" occurrence

    (capacities unavailability, materials unavailability, etc.), by minimization of needs regarding "bulk" changes - by the use of original principles of technical documentation saving, the technical documentation is "resistant" against organizational changes as well as material replacements.
  • Work expenditure decrease and thus expenses decrease for technical documentation creation

    either for new or customer products. By the use of classification system and searching options; quick searching of parts is possible which are convenient for direct use into new products or creation speed increase by their modification; thus gradual decrease of parts assortment especially in lower levels.
  • Saving in production of manufacturing aids

    - by the use of the same procedures for similar parts production, there is a radical possibility increase to use already produced and finished manufacturing aids. By allocation of technical documentation creation also for production of manufacturing aids (tools and fixtures); the system offers the same possibilities also during their production, and at the same time their price decrease by the means of the same consequences impact regarding the system MONACO® usage.
  • Gradual decrease of materials assortment and the same way stock inventory decrease by savings

    (e.g. by evidence of 2 screw types instead of 10). At the same time, there are possible savings during their acquisition.
  • Radical savings during relocation, reorganization of production

    by minimizing the needs of technical documentation adjustments. Technical documentation is becoming resistant against organizational changes by original method of the technical documentation placing/saving.
  • Production process shortening by minimization of "idle"

    times e.g. waiting for the correct documentation. By the use of MONACO® system, the technical documentation becomes available immediately after its publishing even for geographically distant customers (e.g. in remote workplaces of assembly, for co-operators, affiliates, etc.)
  • Expenses decrease for production preparation

    - creation of technical documentation is one of the most expensive stages in enterprise commercial processes:
    • It is made by people and it is not possible to make its creation fully automated, because it is a creative activity
    • It requires highly qualified personnel (that means one of the most expensive ones)
    • Many times it is a cause of discrepancies and a narrow space in enterprise processes
    • Many times it happens, that TPV creation is not calculated into expenses, neither into production terms and order delivery
  • Shortening of time needed for new employees' training in technical department

    - by "the knowledge" shifting of senior and more experienced workers and its materialization into digitalized form in the documentation, the time is shortened which is needed for gaining experiences.

It is good to take these factors in consideration, in order to evaluate and calculate them for example by percentage of savings. We will find out that the savings from the system usage will come back to us within one or two years.