SYSKLASS® is efficient technical information system designed for complex solution of all activities of technical production preparation, planning and production management. It is equipped with many specialized tools, which make the work of technicians more effective and of a higher quality, as well as they increase quality of documentation being created and provide exact information for correct managerial decision making.

SYSKLASS®, by its functionality, provides optimum solution for the following areas:

  • Construction

    - construction documentation with an option to work with variant data, with connection to CAD system and possibility to create electronic archive of drawing documentation
  • Technology

    - complete technological documentation with image operations and instruction cards for thermal processing, surface treatments, measuring protocols
  • Standardization

    - automated creation of performance standards and material standards
  • Change management

    - complex workflow for work management with documentation and work with documentation versions
  • Price offers

    - creation of price offers, calculation of products prices
  • Expert data

    - parts database of the firm base and standard norms clearly arranged in graphic classification system with possibility of quick searching based on shape similarity and properties defined by user
  • Production

    - production planning, production management, mismatching products, data collection from production with the use of bar codes

SYSKLASS® is designed for small and mid-size firms, where it provides the following according to the implementation method:

  • Technical production preparation

    - SYSKLASS® is implemented as an individual tool for provision of all needed activities within technical production preparation. In this case, the communication between SYSKLASS® and the firm information system is always solved. More information on the solution Technical production preparation
  • Production Planning and Management 

    - SYSKLASS®ensures activities since the creation of technical documentation, through planning, management and production registering. It is optimal to connect the system with the modules purchasing, warehousing, sales contracts, accounting in a business information system. More information about the solution see the part Production Management

SYSKLASS® is used at several secondary schools and universities as a tool that supports teaching of selected technical subjects.

SYSKLASS® is available in 5 language mutations - in Slovak, Czech, Polish, English as well as German language.