Our company has been bringing SYSKLASS® software solution for improvement of technical department work for technical production preparation and since 2010, also its successor MONACO®. A part of software solutions is amount of specialized functions, which shorten the process of documentation creation, bring it to more efficient and higher level.


- the system has been implemented successfully since 1990 at more than 250 customers. More about SYSKLASS® modules


- SYSKLASS® solution successor, developed on the latest web technologies. There has been the most important knowledge applied into it as well as experiences from the system SYSKLASS® implementation. More about MONACO® modules

requirementsSolutions for technical production preparation provide mainly:

  • Simpler, less demanding and quicker process of technical documentation preparation
  • Complete administration of technical documentation
  • Process speed up of offer creation that will enable response to customers requirements in a more flexible way
  • More exact determination of costs price as well as time for production of those items, which are not being produced yet
  • Savings being created from repeated use of already existing TPV documentation and verified technology at creation of new produced items
  • Searching for items with complete TPV documentation, parts (special tools...) based on graphic resemblance and pre-defined criteria
  • Piece lists/BoMs import from CAD systems
  • View and changes view in TPV documentations in time cuts (according to date)
  • Range of purchased items reduction ...

Communication with CAD system and information system

The software solutions SYSKLASS®, MONACO® have communication interface prepared, based on which data transfer is solved with the following selected systems:

  • Company information systems

    - this interface is currently developed for several known information systems, such as MFG/PRO, AXAPTA, NAVISION, BAAN, SAP, HELIOS, MAX, IFS, SOFTIP PACKET, ...
  • CAD systems

    - currently, there is interface prepared with SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, PRO/Engineer, I-deas, ...

The scheme of solution application for technical production preparation in the environment of existing information system