In order to provide management of firm processes in small and mid-size firms, we offer solution, which has been designed from the very beginning with the target to fulfil exactly their specific requirements.

Favourable price and simple implementation

The complex information system SAP® Business One is fully integrated, affordable solution with simple implementation, which perfectly complies with requirements being set for modern information system.
SAP® Business One is globally verified solution. References of satisfied customers from the whole world are the guarantee of successful implementation in your firm. More about modules of SAP® Business One

Solution for non-productive firms and organizations

For these firms, we implement the standard system of SAP® Business One. It provides efficient process management solutions of accounting, reporting, logistics and management of relations with customers. By the help of tools enabling integration of financial and sale management, it provides a space for quick decision-making as well as on-line access to all needed information. SAP® Business One modules

Solution for manufacturing firms

We offer SAP® Business One for manufacturing firms regarding coverage of economic - logistic processes in concurrence with production modules, which our company has developed for management of complete firm production process.

For small manufacturing firms, there is simple production solution available that is created directly by development tools of SAP. This solution is a part of SAP® Business One and is fully integrated with all modules of this system. Simple solution excellently covers production management needs in small firms. Solution - Production for small firms

For mid-size production firms, we offer production module, which solves the issue of production in a complete measure. This solution communicates on-line with sale and logistic modules of SAP® Business One. Solution - Production for mid-size firms