The new version of SAP Business One 9.0 brings several enhancements for our customers as well as system functions extension. Those will be appreciated particularly by commercial and manufacturing firms and customers with requirements for system adjustments. From among the wide scale of added functions, we will mention the following:

  • The function Workflow with an option to implement and perform enterprise processes based on predefined workflow propositions
  • Multi-level warehouse places for improved warehouse management
  • The function of multiple measuring units which enables sale, purchase, acceptance and expedition of products in any MU
  • Functionality extension of pricelists and rebate groups for more detailed prices and rebates monitoring
  • New options for the whole process performance regarding inventory counting together with results saving
  • Cancellation of most of sale and purchase receipts which usually launch accountings, while basic background documents are opened and balances payable are renewed
  • Support of 64-bit systems
  • Numerous added tools for faster SAP Business One system implementation and programme adjustments of the system