SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA (leaflet), brings new level of possibilities in creation of crucial enterprise reports. By the help of SAP Business One, you are able to quickly view application data and find necessary answers in the given moment, almost instantly.

SAP HANA® brings numerous innovations and competitive advantages, acceleration of enterprise cycles due to increase of capacity and operations performance running in the real time. New functions provide highly efficient dashboards and tools for reporting as well as review of inventories, administration of orders and cash-flow, etc. in real time.

  • New data platform for SAP as well as non SAP solutions
  • SAP HANA = „High-Performance Analytic Appliance“
  • Database location in operational memory (in-memory concept) will provide dramatic acceleration of data reading
  • Combination of data saving in lines - columns
  • It enables quick bulky volume data processing in real time with their instant analysis (real time analytics)
  • Necessity of data “pre-processing” for analyses is eliminated (OLAP cubes)

Advantages of SAP HANA application

  • Faster decision making thanks to immediate access to larger data extent and quick searching in real time (Enterprise search in SAP Business One, ...)
  • Option to create their own reports and “ad hoc“ analyses in real time in the environment of MS Excel without a need of IT department assistance