Fairs are often defined as sites of opportunities. This definition applies to the full extent also for Nitra region and its engineering fair. Below, there is a remark mentioned in full wording given by Ing. Pavol Gábor, CEO and business director of the company GT Systems 2, s.r.o.:
We specialise on SW development and implementation for technical production preparation, planning and rendering – the information systems Monaco and Sysklass which represent the best options in the area of technical production preparation currently being offered by the market. And why do we go to the fair? The first reason is commercial in the first place. Behind it, there is an effort hiding for winning potential clients. Another issue of no less importance are marketing activities being performed during the fair MSV. In terms of dynamics of engineering industry development, companies - with the same focus as we have - must grasp this development dynamics and take this fact into consideration during further development if they want to rank among significant players in the field of information technologies. Simply said, for this area high quality software systems must apply, and such are delivered to the market by our company. They will catch on the development dynamics of this industry. The second reason that makes the fair MSV interesting for us is exactly watching the development dynamics and new trends in this industry.
Published in the magazine STROJÁRSTVO/Engineering, issue No. 6/2016