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Actual information

A rich mosaic of the fair

Fairs are often defined as sites of opportunities. This definition applies to the full extent also for Nitra region and its engineering fair. Below, there is a remark mentioned in full wording given by Ing. Pavol Gábor, CEO and business director of the company GT Systems 2, s.r.o.:

Firm event the EKOMA 3.6.2016

As every year, also this year in June the firm action took place that was focused on relaxation of our employees within the complex of the sports centre/Športcentrum EKOMA. This complex located close to the town of Zvolen is an ideal place for spending a day off focused on sports, relaxation or entertainment. Each of the employees could choose from a wide range of traditional sports activities, such as tennis, hiking, bowling... The same way, this site is a very attractive place for tourism and nature lovers.


The product MONACO has been certified for W8, W8.1

On 15th April 2014 the product MONACO® gained "Competency test for Windows 8" Certificate. This certificate provides compatibility with new systems of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

“20 Years with Us“– Commercial partners’ meeting

The meeting of existing and potential partners took place at the event of the 20th anniversary of the company GT Systems 2, s.r.o. foundation in a picturesque environment of Spa Nový Smokovec in the High Tatra Mountains on 19th – 20th September. Within a rich information program, we took a look not only into our company history but we also introduced new items related to the software solutions of MONACO TPV, Production and SAP Business One. Our commercial partners saw for themselves that the systems are enriched by new functions or applications every year and they can count with systems extension also in the future.
The evening sitting was led in a joyful mood and it lasted until early morning hours. The music band Bystrianka was playing and calling everybody to dance, and the social program was taken care of by attractive ladies/”Highway women”
We would like to express our gratitude to all the participants of the event that they brought a good mood with them and thus contributed to the commonly excellent atmosphere. We believe that we will meet at similar occasion again.

Firm event on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the firm foundation

An annually organized June firm event for your employees was led this year in the sense of the 20th anniversary celebration of the firm GT Systems 2, s.r.o. foundation. The facility of Športcentrum EKOMA nearby Zvolen is an environment with a location for spending a day off focused on sports, relax and fun. Each employee could choose from a wide offer of traditional sport activities concentrated on tennis, bowling, walking in the nature, etc. and during that really hot day, they could cool themselves down in the swimming pool. The program enrichment was provided by a folk band from Podpoľanie, with several of our colleagues joining in by their singing. Also this year it was confirmed that our collective not only has a sporting spirit, but also knows how to have a good time together. We believe that it will remain this way in the following years as well.

SAP Business One for iPhone and iPad version 1.9

User has an option - through integration of iPhone mobile device, iPad with SAP Business One application - to view and manage enterprise data anytime, even while being away from their office.  The latest version of SAP Business One for iPhone and iPad version 1.9 has been extended by the following functions: viac...

SAP Business One 9.0 in free distribution

The new version of SAP Business One 9.0 brings several enhancements for our customers as well as system functions extension. Those will be appreciated particularly by commercial and manufacturing firms and customers with requirements for system adjustments. From among the wide scale of added functions, we will mention the following: viac...

“MONACO” and relax within 1 day (MONACO vs. SYSKLASS)

The company GT Systems2, s.r.o prepared a meeting of existing SYSKLASS system users – within its commercial-marketing activities – in the form of a conference on 30th March 2012 (Spa Sklené Teplice, SR) and on 11th April 2012 (Spa Bohdaneč, CZ) in order to present a new generation-upgraded successor of the system SYSKLASS® – technical information system MONACO®. In several programme blocks, the firm representatives provided the conference participants with information on necessity of product development based on the newest information technologies, about historical development path, MONACO® integration possibilities with ERP and CAD systems as well as commercial policy of the company at the system SYSKLASS® upgrade up to the system MONACO®. A part of the conference was “live” presentation of the system MONACO® in the context of pointing at differences between SYSKLASS and MONACO® systems. Opportunity for the participants to try their skills with the play console Xbox 360 + Kinect as well as opportunity to win some of many interesting raffle prizes put finishing touches to the excellent event atmosphere. After the conference, the participants enjoyed relax by going through treatment procedures.


PROMO ACTION SAP for new customers. Are you thinking about purchase of a new information system yet in the year 2009? In that case, we would like to draw your attention to PROMO ACTION. It was prepared for the period from 1st October to 18th December 2009 by the company SAP. Within that, each new customer, with purchase of 8 and more licences of SAP® Business One Professional, will get discount of 10% from the prices of the licences. For more information, please, contact our commercial directors.

Microsoft Gold partner

Company GT Systems 2, s.r.o. is Microsoft Gold Partner since february of 2012

System MONACO is

The technical information system MONACO®, having been produced by our company, was successfully certified on 5th January 2012 by the company Microsoft. The system MONACO® gained certificate titled “Compatible With Windows 7”

14th National Forum of Productivity 2011

On 19th October 2011, the 14th Conference of National Forum of Productivity took place in the hotel Holiday-Inn in Žilina. During the conference, Ivan Arnold came up with the lecture “The task of TPV in production companies and tools for production productivity increase.”

Innovative action of the year 2010

The firm GT Systems2, s.r.o. joined the 4th year of the Prize Competition of The Slovak Republic Ministry of Economy titled "Innovative action of the year 2010" in the category "Product innovation" with the competitive suggestion "MONACO® - specialized software". The competition purpose was to stimulate business entities to innovative activities. On 24th May 2011 within professional conference "Innovations as competition engine" acted at the event of the 18th International engineering fair in Nitra, GT Systems2, s.r.o. gained the prize of The Slovak Republic Minister of Economy for the afore mentioned competitive suggestion.

Information Innovation Seminar in Banská Bystrica

On 10th February 2011, National Agency for Development of Small and Medium Enterprise organized a seminar within the premises of Banská Bystrica self-governing region under the title “Innovation Information Seminar”. The seminar was designed for businessmen, members of academic and scientific-research community. Within an hour presentation on the topic “Success story – experiences of MSP with innovations”, our company presented experiences with development of the system MONACO and its implementation in manufacturing company. The earlier mentioned topic drew interest of many seminar participants, who would like to get more acquainted with the mentioned system.

ISO Certification

On 28th January 2011, there was a certification audit carried out in our firm according to the standard EN ISO 9001.2008. The certification body did not find any inadequacies in quality management system functioning in our firm and it retained the quality certificate granted to our firm fully applicable.

The Workshop “Information Technologies for Enterprise Practice” at Žilina University

On 23rd November, Žilina University arranged the workshop "Information Technologies for Enterprise Practice", its aim was knowledge transfer between enterprise sphere and university environment. The opening part was led by professor Ing. Branislav Mičieta, PhD. Within this part, he spoke about the needs of information technologies for effective work of industrial engineer. In another part of the program, there was a contribution of the commercial manager of our firm Ing. Jozef Paal. He introduced information technologies regarding support of technical production preparation. The afternoon part continued by demonstrations of the systems functioning and live discussion among participants on the topic of actual requirements of information technologies in practice and teaching in the field Industrial engineering.

Mobile application for SAP Business One available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Enterprise control and access to the current firm data by the means of mobile devices has recently been not only requirement of big firm owners, but also of small and mid-size companies. The solution is mobile application for SAP® Business One for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices enabling even managers of small firms to stay in contact with their entrepreneurship wherever in the world. The mobile application provides continuous access to important data and key functions of SAP® Business One, it is available for free within maintenance contract with SAP for users of Professional licence SAP® Business One 8.8. PL 12 and more

MONACO and case study in the catalogue of the company Microsoft

MONACO® and a case study in the catalogue of the company Microsoft®
In the catalogue of solutions and services 2010/2011, which is annually issued by the company Microsoft®, we introduced a new application MONACO® and case study on the system SAP® Business One and SYSKLASS® implementation for the effective manufacturing firm management, FERRIT s.r.o.

Training within EU project

Our company successfully completed a series of training activities focused on development of commercial and managerial skills, IT and computing skills. Participants of the courses gained particularly knowledge and advantages on how to strengthen position of our company at the market of information technologies, how to make development process of new software solutions more effective and their subsequent sale. In practice, there are also procedures and methodologies being verified, which our consultants and project managers gained during the course Management of implementation projects. We believe that the knowledge having been gained within this course will be evaluated by new customers during implementation of our software solutions. The training courses were carried out within the project co-financed from EU funds.

The Seminar Innovations, Design and Transfer of Technologies

On 29th June 2010 in Banská Bystrica, NARMSP in cooperation with 1st Slovak engineering cluster, Slovak Centre of Design and Banská Bystrica self-governing region organized a seminar “Innovations, Design and Transfer of Technologies". Our company also contributed to the program and content of lectures by presentation of the new software solution MONACO®.

Innovative Development of Regions IRR 2010

The firm participation at the conference Innovative Development of Regions IRR 2010 – on 10th May 2010, our company will take part at the conference in Žilina. Its objective is to bring the world trends closer in innovations and innovative solutions with the focus on regional dimension. At the conference, representatives of regions, towns and villages, businessmen and representatives of scientific-research institutions will take part as well as participants from the third sector, university students and secondary school students. During the conference, there will be contribution of the business manager with presentation of our company activities and during the workshop, conference participants may discuss with us the topic “Current requirements of the firms on information system and its implementation.”

SPECIAL OFFER for purchase of SAP Business One licences

SPECIAL OFFER for purchase of SAP® Business One licences - Until 18th June 2010, new as well as existing customers have opportunity to use special offer for purchase of SAP® Business One information system licences for advantageous prices. You may get more information on conditions of this special offer through our commercial department.

The system MONACO

The system MONACO® available for customers – Since April 2010 there has been the new software solution MONACO® with usage of web services available for new as well as existing customers. It is solution designed for various big firms, while TPV data access may be used by users from their subsidiaries all around the world via Internet. You may find more detailed information on the system MONACO® in the section Products/Monaco. Please, contact the commercial department regarding access to demo version of this system.

Gaining Certificate

Gaining Certificate ISO 9001:2008 – On the last day of January, there was certification audit successfully realized for us by the certification body ELBACERT a.s., based on which we were granted with ISO 9001:2008. That certifies the fact, that our company has implemented and maintained quality management system in compliance with requirements of the standard EN ISO 9001:2008 for the area “Development, Sale and Implementation of Software Solutions”. The process of ISO implementation was lasting 6 months, during which we were optimizing the firm processes for more effective firm management. Change of processes imposed not only another redistribution of work tasks among the current firm personnel, workflow setting and improvement of information flow, but also personnel changes in the managing posts.

MONACO Seminar

The company GT Systems 2, s.r.o. performed a series of seminars for professional public in Žilina, Plzeň (The Czech Republic) and Bialsko Biała (Poland) at the end of November and beginning of December, where it introduced technical information system of the new generation with the title MONACO®, for the first time. The aim of these seminars was to inform participants about the project MONACO®, new trends in the area of monitoring life cycle of products, technical production preparation, to show work simplification at creation and evidence of technical documentation, usage of dimensions during summary calculations, etc... The project MONACO®, whose result is the software solution MONACO®, was performed with support of the Agency for research and development support and within the seminars, there were complex pieces of information provided for the participants regarding development, development environment and scope of the system MONACO® solution. The first responses of the seminars participants were greatly awaited, among whom there were top experts from IT, scientific and pedagogical environment. With a great joy, we may point out that the feedback was very positive and the first reactions of the participants give clear signal that there is this software solution in the world, which will find great application in practice and will be decent successor of the present solutions by the company GT Systems 2, s.r.o.

GT Systems 2, s.r.o.

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